Coming out of Hibernation

Its been a very dry winter this year and it has been very cold. As a weekend rider, it’s been very difficult scouring the courage to ride out into the freezing cold winds and short days.

Finally had some nice warm weather yesterday and I found some time to ride up to Wisemans Ferry for a few hours. As a relatively new rider I found myself once again getting used to my bike, as I had been off it for over 1.5 month. I only have ridden 3,500kms on my bike so still consider myself as a newbie. Couple of fumbles with the clutch and I realised that I need to keep riding to keep growing. Its not like riding a bicycle which they once you learn, you don’t forget.

Before I started the ride, I was quite sceptical whether the bike would even turn on as I had replaced it battery a few weeks back. A very difficult lesson learned but learned nonetheless. When I turned the keys and the ignition lit up I was relieved and excited.

I moved the bike out of the garage and went back inside to get geared up. There was no way I was going to miss this afternoon of beautiful warm weather.

The ride to Wisemans Ferry was very nice and relaxing, there was hardly anybody on the roads once you got past Dural. You can check out the whole ride mapped out on my earlier post. Some of the sections of the Old Northern Road have been refreshed with new tarmac which is nice and smooth so can enjoy these bends at 90kms per hour. It is such an exhilarating feeling that I had forgetting in the past few months.

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