Why I May Never Upgrade from Yamaha MT-07 LAMS?

There is a common misconception that LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme) bikes are slow and have very little power. Let me tell you why I may never upgrade my Yamaha MT-07 (FZ-07 in USA) LAMS?

The Specs

I own a 655cc LAMS edition Yamaha MT-07 and I chose this bike over the MT-03 which is a 350cc. The MT-07 is the pinnacle of the LAMS edition bikes which are restricted for new riders in Australia. However, compare the LAMS vs HO (High Output) edition and you realise there is not much difference.

LAMS edition produces 57.5Nm @ 4000rpm where its bigger brother HO edition is 68.0Nm @ 6500rpm. That’s only 10.5Nm but you have to rev it 2500rpm more to get the other newton metres of torque.

The engine bore is only 2mm smaller on the LAMS edition, whereas the HO produces 689CC only 34cc more.

The name MT stands for Monster Torque and that’s what you get with either of these bikes. Torque is available throughout the rev range, so whether you are doing 3000rpm or 7000rpm, a twist of the throttle will bring power out of the engine and get you moving quicker.

Now the most important factor to measure, fun!!

Fun Factor

Both bikes will be just as quick off the mark and for a casual rider it won’t make a minuscule of a difference that there is slightly more horse power in one over another. My MT-07 is super quick, coming from a driving perspective anyway. There are always quicker bikes and if you want to get onto a track well this discussion is futile. But when you can take off and hit 0-100kms/hr in 1st gear within seconds, it brings a smile on your face.

For most roads I will ever ride, 100kms/hr is the maximum I would be allowed to reach before I get attention from the cops. Maybe 110kms/hr on some roads. So why would you spend any more money to buy a more faster bike when you are riding on public streets.

Braking is also super quick with dual disc ABS brakes at the front and massive single disc ABS brakes at the rear. So in a sticky situation, you can stop fairly quickly without risk of locking your wheels.

The frame and chassis of both LAMS and HO is the same so handling of the bike and how it takes the corners is the same.

The only thing I didn’t like was the sound of the exhaust. It sounds like a sewing machine out of the factory. As soon as you put an aftermarket pipe on it the bike comes alive. I chose to go with the Akrapovic Titanium full exhaust which sounds amazing, check out the video below to hear the bike yourself.


For me personally, the MT-07 LAMS edition is a great bike that is not only quick but also heaps of fun to ride around. And as a weekend rider, the fun factor is most important. I won’t use this bike for the daily commute in Sydney’s traffic.

I think I am going to be happy even after I get off my P’s and move to a full rider license and continue to enjoy riding this bike. Thank you Yamaha!!

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