Richmond to Lithgow via Bells Line of Road

Bells Line of Road takes you through the beautiful countryside from Richmond to Lithgow through lush bushland. The journey is pretty easy going except for a tricky little climb at the beginning of the trip as you leave Richmond to climb into Kurrajong Heights. The temperature after that can also be 5-6 degrees cooler here as you travel on this road.


  • Difficulty – Beginner
  • Duration – 83 mins
  • Distance – 83┬ákms
  • Average Speed – 60 kph
  • Max Speed – 80 kph

The Ride

Good meeting point can be KFC at the corner of March Street and Bosworth Street where you can meet up with your friends. From here you head on March Street towards Kurrajong.

The road takes you through typical suburban landscape before you cross the Hawkesbury river. There is one challenge this road poses to beginners which is a winding climb up through to Kurrajong Heights. This section can be pretty daunting for new riders as the corners are narrow and can feel a little bit scary. I know they did to be first time I rode through there.

But soon after you get through the climb there is a lookout called Bellbird Lookout which is worth a look. The lookout will appear on your right hand side and has small parking area where you can stop away from the main traffic.

From the lookout you continue heading on Bells Line of Road and pass through Bilpin where there is a Bilpin Fruit Bowl which is quite famous for its apple pies. They are not something I particularly rejoice but if you like them then you may want to stop here.

The location that is definitely worth stopping is in Mount Tomah. The Blue Mountains Botanical Gardens are worth a stop and should definitely be checked out if you’ve never been there before. They also have a decent cafe where you can have a bite to eat and coffee/tea.

After a bit of rest and some food you continue your journey back on the road through Bell and Clarence.

Along the way there are a few unofficial vantage points where you can stop to admire the Blue Mountain range by the side of Road. Generally these spots are not hard to find and you will most likely see other riders and cars stopped by the side of road. You do however need to take care as these area are not paved but more loose gravel so do all your breaking on the tarmac before getting off onto the gravel.

Stops Along the Way

1. Bellbird Lookout

Bellbird Lookout is a descent enough lookout that you could stop at just after the winding road through to Kurrajong Heights. It will come up on your right hand side and has a small carpark where you can stop and take in the view. On a clear day you can see all the way into Parramatta and Sydney CBD skyline. It’s a fairly high vantage point that is not obstructed by any other hills so you see all the way to the horizon.

2. Bilpin Fruit Bowl

A famous apple pie shop where you can stop to have a slice of pie, cake or a scone with coffee or tea and stretch your legs. It is prominently located by the side of the road in Bilpin. You can also go there to pick your own fruit if you are keen.

3. Blue Mountains Botanical Gardens

Located on top of Mount Tomah, the Blue Mountains Botanical Gardens are definitely a place to stop. So you can check out the amazing views of the Blue Mountain range. It a beautifully laid out garden with a lot of native flowers and trees.

There is also a cafe next to the information center where you can have a bite to each. I would recommend eating here rather than at the Bilpin Fruit Bowl. They also have decent restrooms which makes it a perfect pit stop before continuing your journey.

4. Blast Furnace Park

An old furnace that marked the start of steel and iron in Australia before all the production was moved to Port Kembla in 1928. This location now has been converted to a park that surrounds the furnace foundations. Its definitely worth a stop and look as you reach Lithgow. You can get some interesting and cool shots with you motorcycle here.

Any Tricky Stuff

As a beginner ride, this is pretty easy run most of the way from Richmond to Lithgow. So the only tricky part is when you approach Kurrajong Heights and the winding uphill road.


The Bells Line of Road from Richmond to Lithgow is quite a fun and easy going road that will aspire confidence in a new rider. And for the experienced rider, it can be a nice relaxing ride to Lithgow with lots of opportunities to enjoy the surroundings as you cruise along this road.

The Blue Mountains Botanical gardens are definitely worth stopping and checking out. I strongly recommend you make a pit stop here.

The Map

Get directions on your phone by clicking this google map link.

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