MotoVlog 1 – Putty Road

On a nice summer day before Christmas, I rode to Putty via Putty Road with couple of guys from work. The weather was perfect and the roads were clear!!

I mounted my camera on my Jacket and attached the microphone inside my helmet however at times the audio was a bit distorted. I am still perfecting this technique and getting better with the editing. If you’d like to record your journey and make motovlogs, check out my other video about using GoPro and external microphone on YouTube.

Putty Road is a nice fun road and I have suggested this ride in a previous blog post, if you are interested check out Putty road day trip.

Hence, this vlog is a compilation of some of the most interesting sections of Putty Road, especially the parts where the road snakes through the bushland. I really love seeing the signs which indicate winding road ahead for X kms. They always bring a smile to my face.

So watch the motovlog below and don’t forget to leave a comment. Also subscribe if you want to see more videos!!

The one thing you want to watch out for is mobile speed cameras. I have seen almost 50% of the time there are some sort of cameras just before you get to Putty or just as you start on Putty road after you go through Wilberforce on Wilberforce road. Take care always and watch your speed.

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