Why I Started Weekend Rider?

Why Weekend Rider?

Having always wanted to enjoy riding motorcycles, I recently made the plunge to get back into it. So I got my L’s early 2017 and then my P’s last december. And in June 2017, I bought my Yamaha MT-07 LAMS version and got back into riding.

I bought my bike to ride on the weekends mostly as I commute to Sydney by train most days unless I’m visiting clients. As my goal was not to commute on the motorcycle but enjoy the roads less travelled on the weekend.

But the only trouble I had was deciding where the go and have some sort of itinerary to follow. And I didn’t find much on the internet, only forums where the information is scattered and dated. So I found myself jumping on Google maps and scrolling through to find nice roads that look like fun and are kind of remote.

As a result, I created Weekend Rider to help me document these rides. Luckily I got the matching domain name as well. Here I can record and share routes, so other riders can benefit from them.

Also as I have a bit of history with using my camera for photo and video so I thought this could be good to combine the two passions together.

What the Future Holds?

What I have planned for the site is to build a repository of routes that are within my reach on a weekend basis and also colaborate with other riders who wish to contribute to the site.

I’d also like to publish video highlights of the rides and the stops along the way so that you can watch. It will give you an indication of wether you’d like to go on a particular road or now, if you do how long it will take you, what sort of stops you can have along the way and any tricky or difficult areas to watch out for.

So far the response has been good and I’m quite excited by this new adventure. I hope I can encourage others to join this growing community of riders who want to explore the great roads around them.

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