Macquarie Pass to Jamberoo Pass Loop

When I first started riding, this was one of the rides I did with a friend of mine and his rider mates. We didn’t do the full loop but went to Roberston Pie Shop via Macquarie Pass without going around back via Jamberoo. But this is a pretty nice location and worth doing this as a complete loop from Macquarie Pass to Jamberoo Pass via Robertson.


  • Difficulty – Experienced
  • Duration – 62 mins
  • Distance – 59 kms
  • Average Speed – 58 kph
  • Max Speed – 100 kph

The Ride

The suggested starting point is the Maccas on Princes Highway in Albion Park. You can rendezvous with your friends at this location, grab a bite to eat and then head west on Tongarra Road towards Macquarie Pass which eventually becomes the Illawara Highway with speeds up to 100 kph. I happened to go there as the beginner but it was pretty nerve-racking taking some of the corners. I found myself misjudging my speed here around the bend or being in the wrong gear through them.

Hence why I suggest this as an Experienced rider route! However, if you pick the right day and time of the day you should find the whole road to yourself as its generally not very heavily used.

The road takes you through the beautiful valley of Tullimbar and Tongarra as you head up into Macquarie Pass National Park. The views are absolutely breathtaking!!

As you reach the hills of Macquarie Pass the speed limit drops to 60 kph and the winding road begins. The air also gets cooler and the temperature drops generally 5 degrees then what you had as you started the journey.

The winding roads can be a lot of fun if you are taking the corners at the right speed but also a bit scary if you are at the wrong speed. You should exercise caution if you are not used to this road or are on a new bike that you haven’t ridden a lot.

The winding road eventually ends as you arrive at the T-junction where you see the famous Robertson Pie Shop which is a great spot to take a break and you will actually find it to be a very popular spot for riders of all kinds to stop and take a break here. I recommend you try their pies, they are exquisite.

Head off onto the Jamberoo Mountain Road and you are greeted with long stretches of straight road. About 12 kms onto Jamberoo Mountain Road there is Jamberoo Lookout that is worth checking out as it provides distant views over Frys Creek looking out to the sea. On a clear day you can see the ocean from here.

Head off from Jamberoo Lookout and within a few kilometers you are welcome to snaking roads through Jamberoo Pass eventually bringing you back to civilisation via Jamberoo Road back to your starting point of the Maccas on Princes Highway.

Stops Along the Way

1. Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls are nestled in Macquarie Pass in the National Park and are less than a kilometer of the Illawara Highway just as you start your climb into Macquire Pass. The waterfall is worth checking out if you like that kind of things, that is trekking and visiting waterfalls. As an avid photographer, they certainly interest me especially in the days when there has been some rain around. It is approximately a 30 minute round trip if you’d like to stop and take the trek down to the waterfall.

2. Robertson Pie Shop

The Robertson Pie shop is located as a halfway pit stop as you carry out the loop and is a great stop to get a cold or hot beverage and of course it goes without saying having one of their famous pies. This stop is very common stop for lot of riders making their journey through Robertson so you are likely to see some beautiful machines parked outside this shop.

3. Carrington Falls

Carrington falls are located off the Jamberoo Mountain Road on to Cloonty Road near the Nellies Glen picnic area. If you liked the Cascade falls then you wouldn’t want to miss the Carrington Falls. Luckily these don’t require muck trekking and you can head off onto the road most of the way before walking to the lookout for this falls.

4. Jamberoo Look Out

Jamberoo Lookout provides distant views looking over Frys Creek over Jamberoo into the Pacific Ocean and is only about 12km from Roberston Pie Shop as you complete the loop.

Any Tricky Stuff

Macquarie Pass has lots of interesting bends and hairpins going up and down the slopes. So you need to take some care if you are new to this road. I suggest that you should have a smartphone mounted on your motorbike so you can see these tricky corners come up and you can conquer them with ease.

Similar to Macquarie Pass but Jamberoo Pass has fewer tricky sections. There are only a handful but if you are aware of them well in advance you corner through them at the right speed and in the right gear.


This loop through Macquarie and Jamberoo Pass is truly a fun filled experience with breathtaking views along the way that you’ll enjoy. With plenty of stops along the way you will certainly enjoy the journey as you complete this loop around these great roads. Take care on some of the tricky corners and you will have a ball.

Download and save the map below on your google maps so that you can see some of the tricky corners approaching via the google map link below.

The Map

Get directions on your phone by clicking this google map link.

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