How to lift a fallen Motorcycle?

This is something that will happen to some or most of us at least once in our lifetime as a rider. You will drop your motorcycle on its side, it happens more with people just getting started with riding as you build the experience required to maneuver the motorcycle in parking lots, driveways etc. Here is a very well explained video which shows you how to lift a fallen motorcycle off the ground.

As today’s motorcycles can weight anywhere from 150kg up to 300kg & above it is important you know the correct way to lift the motorcycle so you can get going again.


Things to ensure when lifting your motorcycle:

  • Use the Kill Switch to turn off your bike
  • Make sure you have checked for any spilled oil or petrol
  • Ensure before you lift the bike your feet are going to be firmly planted (free of any grass, gravel or loose dirt)
  • Use your legs to do all the work and not your back
  • Depending on which side it’s fallen you might want to get the Kick Stand in position.

If you have back problems then seek some help or call roadside assistance.


Watch this video for a thorough demonstration of how to properly lift and secure your fallen motorcycle.

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