Easy Ride to Wisemans Ferry

One of my first experiences was a very enjoyable and easy ride was, riding my newly acquired LAMS bike Yamaha MT-07 on the road from Glenorie to Wisemans Ferry in NSW. Therefore, I highly recommend this easy ride to Wisemans Ferry.

Having ridden this rode several times now I have to say that it’s very comfortable road to get used to your bike and also get used to leaning into the turns as you approach them. The road is not heavily traveled during the weekend. Although, you likely to see a lot of other riders coming past riding around you.


  • Rider LevelĀ – Beginner*
  • Duration – 25 mins
  • Distance – 31kms
  • Average Speed – 65kph
  • Max Speed – 80kph

* Small tricky section at the end

The Ride

Starting at Glenorie a good spot to meet your mates is the Glenorie Bakery, located on the corner of Old Northern Road and Post Office Road where you can grab a bite to eat and drink (although no drinking allowed for L or P plate riders).

From here you can head north towards Wisemans Ferry through the Single lane road all the way through to Wisemans Ferry. One bit of advice would be to ensure that you stop and give way to cars if you get them queuing behind you wanting to go faster. There are several areas where you can pull over to the side and let them pass.

The speeds on the road vary from 60kph to 80kph so again it should help you get comfortable with your bike. Which is good because your comfortability with your bike is put to little bit of a test at the end.

Stops Along the Way

There is a nice spot to stop at the Hawkins Lookout, for a few minutes and check out the gorgeous view overlooking the Hawkesbury River and the Webb Creek Ferry crossing. It is just along the Old Northern Road about 3kms before your destination. There are signs posted so you shouldn’t miss it.

Any Tricky Stuff

There are a few tricky corners and then final hairpin bends at the end of the ride just as you reach into Wisemans Ferry. I suggest you shift to 2nd gear and use the engine to keep your descend slow as you go through these bends.


As soon as you descend down you reach your destination where you can re-energise, have a rest or a bite to eat at Wisemans Inn Hotel. You are guaranteed to see some amazing bikes in this area as its a popular spot for many riders to ride there on the weekend.

Be sure to make some new friends.

The Map

Get directions on your phone by clicking this google map link.

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